Doral Fashion Week is the innovative event largest in the entire city, where celebrates artistic diversity and creativity, Multi-ethnicity and the cutting edge of the industry of Fashion and Plastic Arts.

Doral Fashion Week is the most innovative event in the world. citywide, celebrating artistic diversity and creativity, multi ethnicity, and the cutting edge of the music industry. Fashion & the Plastic Arts.


Doral Fashion Week: Da rienda suelta a tu creatividad interior: conviértete en modelo, diseñador, fotógrafo, maquillador o personal de eventos. Tu camino hacia el estrellato de la moda comienza aquí.

1st Edition - Doral Fashion Week 2022: "The Inaugural Extravaganza"

In the month of July 2022, Doral Fashion Week made its grand debut, igniting the runway with an inaugural extravaganza of style, creativity, and innovation. This inaugural edition brought together a diverse array of emerging and established designers, who showcased their captivating clothing collections, setting the stage for what would become an annual fashion spectacle. The first edition of Doral Fashion Week was a testament to the city's burgeoning fashion scene and its commitment to fostering talent within the industry. It left a lasting impression on attendees, fashion enthusiasts, and participants alike, setting the bar high for future editions.

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